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We work to be a part of mobile transformation with our young, dynamic and expert team, and we make a difference in the sector by developing user-friendly mobile application solutions with its design, speed and animations.

The Culture of Product Development

Used technologies
The technologies used in the Mobile Software ecosystem continue to develop rapidly by changing day by day. Therefore, the technologies used are a part of this change. In the early days, applications were developed separately for Android and iOS platforms, but today the use of hybrid technologies is very popular. Hybrid technologies benefit software teams in terms of easily integrating new features, while significantly reducing project delivery time and costs.
Technology Selection
Technology selection is a very important issue before developing a mobile project. As a Kodiks; The latest technology we use is Flutter infrastructure, which enables us to develop applications for the Android and iOS ecosystem at the same time. This infrastructure, developed and actively supported by Google, is becoming more and more the preferred platform. The speed of the applications developed and the advantages of the development environment are greater than other hybrid platforms.
Distinctive Features
Today, the factors that make mobile applications stand out compared to their counterparts can be summarized as Design, Speed and Animations. While the originality of the designs of the applications attracts more attention of the users, the applications that are problematic in terms of speed are used less by the users. Animations are a must-have piece for the application. In particular, animations that have been optimized for speed and density and increase the user experience increase the interaction of the application with the user.