Kodiks is a boutique software artificial intelligence mobile application development company that provides outstanding engineering solutions.

DEV | Solutions
Kodiks is a boutique software company that offers superior engineering solutions with advanced human resources.

MOBILE | Solutions
We work to be a part of mobile transformation with our expert team, and we make a difference in the sector with our user-friendly mobile application solutions.
AI | Solutions
We extract value-added information from data and provide efficiency with our Artificial Intelligence supported software solutions that we have developed using current technologies.
Kodiks Services

Transform your ideas into cutting edge software products.

Research & Development
We always like to enhance our knowledge and create new products with cutting-edge technology.
Skilled Team
We have a very motivated, passionate and disciplined team. That's why the quality of our work is high.
Requirements Analysis
We will help you reform the way you manage and grow your businesses, harness innovation and deliver great software products to market.
We always encourage and motivate being up to date in terms of technology.
Building Complex Systems
We have the know-how that is good enough to build large scaled products.
Product Management
We adapt the agile principles in our all software development lifecycle.

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